We love using fresh smoothie ingredients that are in season. They’re usually cheaper, more nutritious, and taste better. Seasonal produce is typically better for the environment too since it doesn’t have to be shipped from the other side of the world.

In this article – we share a handy cheat sheet of seasonal smoothie ingredients.

Stick it on your fridge, inside a kitchen cupboard door or save it to your phone. Pop it anywhere you can easily reference it when making your shopping list or ordering groceries online.

You can download it here for free (just right-click and save image)…

Seasonal Smoothie Ingredients Poster

Whether you want to make winter, spring, summer, or fall smoothies, this will give you ingredient ideas. You can layer different fruit and veg combinations to create delicious recipes. For those of you who are keen to eat more seasonally, this cheat sheet will make smoothie shopping easy!

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Written by Caroline, a qualified nutritionist with a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition, bachelor’s degree in Sports Science and English, Diploma in Personal Training, and 15+ years of experience in the health and fitness industry.