As concern about plastic consumption grows, reusable smoothie cups (complete with lids and straws) are becoming more popular. People are shunning single-use plastics and disposable cups in favour of eco-friendly options


In this article – we share 10 of the best reusable smoothie cups for everyday use, travel, and staying healthy on the go.



What Makes a Great Smoothie Cup?

Cups are among the best containers for smoothies since they allow you to both store and drink your healthy shake. As long as they have a secure lid, you can transport your smoothie with you. This is ideal for breakfast on-the-go and saving money with home-made smoothies instead of shop-bought ones.


Here are the top qualities to look for in an awesome smoothie cup…


  • Spill-proof – no one wants to deal with unexpected smoothie leaks.
  • Temperature control – good cups will keep your smoothie cooler for longer.
  • Reusable – it should withstand washing and reuse without losing its shape or leak-proof abilities.
  • Cute design – why settle for a boring cup when you can get something cute and stylish?
  • Proven track record – a good cup will be backed up with lots of positive consumer reviews.


Now let’s dive into the best products currently available for smoothie lovers


10 Best Smoothie Cups

Here’s an overview of the best reusable smoothie cups on the market right now. We’ve vetted them against the criteria outlined above to ensure only the very best products make the list.


  • Beast tumbler
  • Ganaric tumbler
  • Circular Now cup
  • Thermos smoothie cup
  • Murmioo travel tumbler
  • Healthy Human cup
  • Kingso cup
  • Ello Devon tumbler
  • Kitsch mason jar cups
  • Elk & Friends cups


Now let’s look at the individual reviews for each of these in more detail…


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Best Reusable Smoothie Cups

We’ve looked at an insane number of containers over the years – you might say we’re a little obsessed. This Beast tumbler is by far the very best smoothie cup of them all.


It’s vacuum insulated and double-walled which means your smoothies stay cold (or coffee stays hot) for much longer. The set includes a splash-proof lid, two straws, and a cleaning brush. 


The stainless steel flask comes in three size options – 20oz (550ml), 30 oz (800ml), or 40oz (1000ml). There are a huge variety of colours available so you’ll definitely find one to suit your taste. 


Available on Amazon USA for $25 or Amazon UK for £25.


Cheapest Cups

We have two options in this category – one for the USA and another for the UK. The first is this sleek red tumbler which includes two reusable straws, a lid, and a cleaning brush. We think it’s pretty awesome for less than $10!


It’s made from glass with a silicone outer cover and holds 20oz of liquid. The bright red design and minimalist lines mean it actually looks a lot more expensive than it is. Plus, it has excellent reviews so doesn’t sacrifice quality for price.


Available on Amazon USA for $9.77.


The cheapest reusable cup in the UK also happens to be one of the cutest! At £6.95, the stylish Circular Now cup comes in a variety of different designs – coral, mint, and black. Best of all, it’s made from recycled single-use coffee cups which makes it a great sustainable option.


This budget-friendly option comes with a leak-proof lid and holds 340ml (12oz) of liquid, more than enough for a healthy shake

Available on Amazon UK for £6.95.


Best Smoothie Travel Cups

We’ve also selected two cups in the travel category as people have slightly different needs when it comes to this. Some will want a leak-proof option that they can carry in a bag without fear of any liquid escaping.


Others will want something that’s portable enough for drinking on the go or in the car. But they don’t necessarily need something that needs to withstand being tipped upside down or knocked about.


Either way, travel cups need to have super-secure lids. This means they should either screw on tightly or have a locking mechanism.


The very best smoothie travel cup is the Thermos food flask. It has a screw top and minimal possibility of leakage. You can drink it straight from the flask, use the cap as a cup, or the built-in spoon (ideal for thicker smoothies or soups).


If you need a cup that’ll withstand being thrown about in a work or travel bag without leaking, then this is the one to get. Thermos is renowned for its quality and this is reflected in the 13,000 reviews – 85% are 5 stars.


Available on Amazon USA for $19.98 or Amazon UK for £20.24.


If you just need a portable cup that won’t spill on-the-go, then the Murmioo tumbler is a great shout. It’s double-walled with a screw-on lid so will keep your smoothie cool and secure. Plus, it comes in a variety of gorgeous pastel colours too.


The lid has a small hole that fits a straw or silicone plugs (all included) if you want to seal it up. These are enough to keep it from leaking if you’re walking or in the car, but we wouldn’t trust them 100% to stay on inside a bag.


Available on Amazon USA for $14.95 or Amazon UK for £13.49.


Best Smoothie Cups With Lids & Straws

We’ve already covered quite a few options with lids and straws but there are two more to highlight. The first is the Healthy Human insulated smoothie tumbler, which CNN rated the best water bottle on the market.


This is a particularly eco-friendly option – for every bottle they sell, they recover and recycle 80 plastic bottles. It keeps your smoothies super-chilled and comes with a lid, straw, and cleaning brush.


Available on Amazon USA for $24.99 and Amazon UK for £16.28.


The second is a metal smoothie cup with two-tone colours and stylish textured surface. It includes a steel straw and splash-proof lid.


The cup capacity is 500ml (17.6oz) and it has excellent customer reviews. If you’re looking for a cup that’s a bit different, then this is a good bet.


Available on Amazon UK for £13.99.


Cute Smoothie Cups

When it comes to stylish cup designs, there’s no shortage of options. This Ello Devon tumbler is our fav thanks to its sleek, minimalist design, and cute colour options. We love the real wood lid and built-in straw.


It’s also practical – the glass jar is dishwasher-safe and with a 20oz (550ml) capacity, it’s plenty big enough for all your healthy smoothies.


Available from Amazon USA for $12.99 or Amazon UK for £21.10.


If you’re into kitsch cups, then you might also like these cute mason jars. They come in an assortment of colours and feature summery, fruit-themed designs


These glass jars are ideal for guests, parties, and just brightening up your day! They come in packs of 2 and hold 500ml (just under 20oz) of liquid. 


Available from Amazon UK for £7.99.


Top Kids Smoothie Cups

If you’re looking for the perfect kids smoothie cup, then these cute ones by Elk and Friends are the answer.


The stainless steel cups are shaped like a mason jar and come in a pack of four vibrant colours. They hold 10oz of liquid making them perfect for smaller kids’ portions.


The 2000+ reviews for these cups are incredible – 80% gave them 5 stars! They’re a hit with kids and adults alike. The set includes 4x cups with silicone sleeves, 8x lids (4 with straw holes and 4 air-tight lids), 4x silicone straws with stoppers, and a straw cleaning brush.

Available on Amazon US for $34.99 or Amazon UK for £27.99.


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