Thinking up gifts for smoothie lovers might sound like a tricky task… What else could they want other than a blender, right? Well as it turns out, there are loads of cool and useful pressies that will appeal to them.


In this article – we’ve compiled 10 of the best gifts for smoothie lovers with ideas to suit every budget.


And yes, it’s totally ok if you intend to buy them for someone else, but actually end up keeping them for yourself. We won’t tell anyone…


  1. Mason jar
  2. Ground flaxseed
  3. Mixer ball
  4. BlenderBottle
  5. Simple Green Smoothies recipe book
  6. Travel blender
  7. Grow your own mint kit
  8. Mason jar measuring cups
  9. Seasonal smoothie ingredient box
  10. Blendtec high-powered blender


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Gifts for Smoothie Lovers – $10 & under…

These smoothie gifts make ideal stocking fillers, secret Santa pressies, or just thoughtful presents on a small budget.


#1 – Mason Jar

Available from Amazon USA for $5.99 or Amazon UK for £5.46

Store, transport, or sip your smoothies from these stylish mason jars.  They’re made from glass, include lids, and make equally good drinking cups or countertop decorations.


They’re also ideal storage containers for smoothie ingredients, so you can batch prepare fruit and veggies in advance to save time in the mornings.


gifts for smoothie lovers mason jar


#2 – Ground Flaxseed

Available from Amazon USA for $7.40 or Amazon UK for £6.30

Ground flaxseed adds a nutty flavour to smoothies and gives them a thicker consistency too. It’s a great source of Omega 3 and dietary fibre, giving your smoothies a bonus nutritional boost.


Flaxseed can be expensive if you buy it from health food shops but it’s pretty reasonable if you order online. Plus, it makes a great flour alternative if you’re making healthy cupcakes (and who doesn’t wish their cupcakes were a little healthier?!).

#3 – Mixer Ball

Available from Amazon USA for $5.88 or Amazon UK for £3.99

These wire mixer balls ensure your smoothies stay, well, smooth. If your smoothies separate when you take them to work, or you find annoying bits of powder in your protein shakes, then a mixer ball will fix everything.


They make cheap yet practical gifts for smoothie enthusiasts. Just add it to your smoothie and give it a shake, to create a smooth and light consistency. No more gulping down dodgy textures – yay!


gifts for smoothie lovers mixer ball


#4 – BlenderBottle

Available from Amazon USA for $9.50 or Amazon UK for £17.16

For people who take their smoothies to the gym, this is the ideal transport container. It has a secure screw-on lid with ‘leak-proof guarantee’, comes in three sizes, and a whopping 18 colour options! Plus it includes the handy wire ‘mixer ball’ we mentioned above…


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Gifts for Smoothie Lovers – $10-$20

Here’s a selection of smoothie lover gifts between $10 and $20…


#5 – Simple Green Smoothies Book

Available from Amazon USA for $15 or Amazon UK for £15.95

Recipe books make great gifts for smoothie lovers and this one is leading the pack. ‘Simple Green Smoothies’ was awarded over 180 five star reviews in its first month of release alone!


The 300-page book features ‘100+ Tasty Recipes to Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Feel Great in Your Body’. It’s packed full of stunning photography and delicious recipes, which are divided into helpful chapters such as ‘energy-boosting’ ‘kid-friendly’ and ‘delicious desserts’.


gifts for smoothie lovers SGS book


#6 – Travel Blender

Available from Amazon USA from $19.99 or Amazon UK from £24.99

For smoothie lovers who travel regularly, a portable blender is a great way to maintain the daily habit.


Both the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender and the Breville Blend-Active are designed for those on the go, who want to enjoy quick, nutritious smoothies without the hassle. They feature small bases that are easily transportable, include bottles, and come in four colours (in case you haven’t realised, we’re big fans of bright colours!).


gifts for smoothie lovers travel blender


#7 – Grow Your Own Mint Kit

Available from Amazon USA for $12.99 or Amazon UK for £4.99

Blending a few mint leaves into smoothies can add a whole new dimension of flavour.  Mint is full of antioxidants and can aid digestion, so it’s often included in detox smoothie recipes.


Having your very own mint plant on the kitchen window sill, will ensure you’ve always got the fresh stuff to hand. And it smells pretty good too!


#8 – Mason Jar Measuring Cups

Available from Amazon USA for $16.08 or Amazon UK for £18.79.

These stylish measuring cups are actually top of our own shopping list…  We love the combination of retro aesthetics with practicality and think they’d look pretty cool on any countertop.


Perfect for accurately measuring out smoothie ingredients, they include whole cup, ½ cup, ⅓ cup, and ¼ cup capacities. Plus the ceramic finish makes them durable and dishwasher safe too.


gifts for smoothie lovers measuring cups

Gifts for Smoothie Lovers – $20 & over

These gift ideas for smoothie lovers start from $20 upwards…


#9 – Seasonal Smoothie Ingredient Box

Available from Farmbox Direct ($40+) or Abel & Cole (£13.40+)

A veggie box is a practical smoothie gift that’s guaranteed to get used. Farmbox Direct (USA) and Abel & Cole (UK) both offer organic veg box delivery, perfect for supporting a daily smoothie routine.


We love how these boxes take advantage of seasonal produce, which means everything tastes its very best AND is more environmentally friendly too! Veg boxes also make a thoughtful gift for someone who’s looking for a convenient way to eat healthy and varied meals.


#10 – Blendtec High-Powered Blender

Available from Amazon USA ($217) or Amazon UK (£399)

For a serious smoothie lover, Blendtec is the holy grail of blender brands. They’re powerful enough to thoroughly blend hard ingredients like carrots and ice cubes, which other blenders can struggle with.


Now they don’t come cheap ($299+), but if it’s supporting a daily smoothie habit, then the cost per use works out to less than $1 per day over a year.  If you’re looking to save money, then they offer ‘Certified Refurbished’ models for less than $220 that come with a full 3-year warranty. Unfortunately, the best price we could find for UK smoothie fans was £399, so it really is a high-end option for Brits!


So there you have it – ten of our favourite gifts for smoothie lovers to suit any budget. We hope it’s given you some healthy gift inspiration! Now we’re off to order some cute measuring cups… happy shopping!


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