Are you looking for a 10-day green smoothie cleanse that’s enjoyable and healthy? Following a structured process can help you avoid some common detox mistakes while ensuring your cleanse is both effective and safe. Although your body is fully capable of handling detoxification alone, it can sometimes be useful to help it along.


In this article – we share a downloable 10-day green smoothie cleanse PDF including nutritious recipes (no email sign-up required).


Let’s start by saying that we’re not fans of extreme detox programs that ban entire food groups. They’re not fun and they’re hard work. We prefer a more realistic approach to cleansing, which makes it more achievable, and fun too.


We fuel your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs, so you don’t feel hungry and tired. Focusing on the things that are easiest to do, yet have the biggest impact, ensures you get maximal results with minimal effort. You’ll find that our approach to cleansing is…


  1. Simple
  2. Balanced
  3. Enjoyable


⇒ Download the 10-day green smoothie cleanse PDF here.




Why a 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse?

We LOVE green smoothies. Why? Well, the short answer is that they…


  • Enable us to get the extra nutrients we need from fruit and veg easily
  • Super-charge our energy levels
  • Make our skin glow
  • Fill us up after a workout
  • Just taste plain awesome


They’re the perfect antidote for anyone with a hectic lifestyle, who struggles to get their ‘5 a day’. So when it comes to giving our bodies a little detox, a green smoothie cleanse is the simple solution that we can all easily do at home.


There are many benefits to a smoothie cleanse. From revitalised energy levels to clearer skin, people usually experience noticeable improvements in how they look and feel.


This can seem too good to be true. And in a world full of gimmicky supplements and fad diets, it’s right to question everything.


Science-Based Benefits of Green Smoothies

So how exactly do smoothies help achieve all these benefits? Let’s walk through some of the science behind how and why it all works…


Increased Energy

Many people rave about all the extra energy they get from green smoothies.  But a single leaf of spinach contains just 2 calories (barely any energy), so exactly how is it helping?


Well firstly, green smoothies are bursting with vitamins and minerals.  These support your body with all the day to day functions it needs to perform well, like converting stored fat into energy.  Without them, we can feel tired, since our bodies struggle to convert the energy we’ve stored up into anything useable.


Despite eating three meals a day, many of us are deficient in these essential vitamins and minerals.  Modern western diets often lack key nutrients, so blending up some leafy greens into our smoothies can help rebalance this.  Nourishing our bodies in this way, helps it to perform and look its best.


Secondly, the accompanying fruit in green smoothies plays a big role in fuelling our bodies.  The sugars from berries, pineapple, and the like, are easily absorbed and can quickly boost our energy levels.


Thirdly, consuming smoothies and soups instead of solid food makes it easier for your body to absorb vitamins and minerals.  So all those amazing nutrients contained in fruit and veg are more easily accessed.


We’ll also increase our hydration levels, so feel less tired and lethargic, and have more energy for fun stuff!


Strength & Recovery Booster

50g (less than a cup) of spinach contains over 3x our daily vitamin K needs.  So adding a handful to a smoothie will smash our requirements.


Even a cucumber quarter, or stalk of celery (which contains just 6 calories), will provide 15% of your vitamin K.  This nutrient helps keep our bones strong, and ensures wounds heal quickly.


Natural Beauty Enhancer

Just one serving of spinach provides 98% of our vitamin A recommended daily allowance (RDA). As well as containing antioxidant properties, it’s also good for our eyes, skin, and hair.


Vitamin A is important for sebum or natural oil production, which keeps hair moisturised and looking shiny.  It also helps collagen production, which helps keep our skin looking fresh and youthful.


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Disease Fighter

50g of kale (less than a cup) contains 100% of our vitamin C needs.  Although it has antioxidant properties, vitamin C (also known as Ascorbic acid) is more renowned for its immune-boosting properties.


According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, there’s also evidence suggesting that it may help protect arteries against damage.


Happiness Promoter

Almost half our daily folate needs (49%) are in a handful of spinach leaves.  Folate is also referred to as Folic Acid and supports growth at the most basic level – DNA.


Whilst it’s well known for being an essential vitamin for pregnant women, it also releases serotonin, acting like a mild but natural antidepressant.  Kale isn’t a big source of this nutrient however, with around 8 times less Folate than spinach.


Weight Loss

Plant-based smoothies can help promote weight loss in several ways;


  1. Lower calorie intake: By replacing a meal with a healthy balanced smoothie, you can reduce your calorie intake whilst maintaining a balance of vitamins and minerals.
  2. Reduced tendency to overeat: Ingesting a more varied range of nutrients can also reduce our tendencies to overeat since the body feels more satisfied when it’s fuelled with the vitamins and minerals it needs.
  3. Less bloating: Consuming a plant-based diet instead of processed foods can reduce stomach bloating, which makes us appear slimmer.




An Honest Approach to Cleansing

There’s a lot of bold claims made by detox advocates, so we like to be completely honest about exactly what a cleanse does and doesn’t do…


This cleanse;


  • Nourishes your body with healthy fruits, veggies, and hydration, which support optimal function of your liver and kidneys (the organs responsible for removing toxins)
  • Eliminates highly processed foods that have excess fats and added sugar
  • Can improve your complexion and increase energy levels
  • Often results in short-term weight loss
  • Kick starts new, healthier eating habits and curbs cravings


This cleanse does not;


  • Involve fasting or liquid only
  • Result in long-term weight loss, unless you continue key habits


This guide walks you through all the essential info you’ll need to successfully complete a 10-day cleanse…


10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse PDF Download

Download our 10-day green smoothie cleanse PDF guide here.



Here are some of the most common questions we’re asked about this cleanse…


What do you eat on a 10-day smoothie cleanse?

You eat loads of nourishing foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. This isn’t about starving yourself or restrictive eating habits – it’s about getting into the habit of eating fresh produce daily. We recommend having soup, stirfry, and frittatas along with your delicious green smoothies!


Can I drink tea?

Yes, you can drink tea on this cleanse. This is about creating sustainable eating and drinking habits so we don’t ask you to give up stuff you love!


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