This amazing kiwi apple smoothie is both refreshing and cleansing. It’s the perfect spring smoothie and ideal for taking advantage of fresh kiwis when they’re in season. Like all of our smoothie recipes, it’s dairy-free and vegan-friendly – no milk or yogurt in sight!


In this article – we share a super-simple apple and kiwi smoothie recipe that’s zingy, refreshing, and seriously easy to make.


If you’re looking for an antidote to a winter of comfort food and duvet days, then this tasty spring smoothie is it.


Kiwifruit is in season throughout April and May so it will be particularly juicy and flavoursome during these spring months. It’s also ideal for people who are bored of banana-based smoothies and want to try something a little different.


Kiwi Apple Smoothie Benefits

The nutritional benefits of a kiwi and apple smoothie include vitamin C, fibre, and a low GI index.


Did you know that just one kiwi contains over 100% of your daily vitamin C requirement? Its high fibre content and low GI index mean that your body’s blood sugar won’t spike after consuming them. This helps you to feel fuller for longer so that you’re less likely to snack or overeat.


It’s also exploding with phytonutrients that protect the body’s DNA from damage.


Kiwi-Apple-SmoothieWe could blitz an entire smoothie made from just juicy kiwis.  But they aren’t the cheapest fruit to buy so we like to make them go a bit further by adding apples. Red apples will give it a sweeter taste, whereas green apples tend to be sharper.


Recipe Ingredients & Instructions

Kiwis and apple both have a subtle flavour, which means they’re easily overpowered by other fruits. This recipe allows their natural flavours to shine. This allows you to really taste the kiwi fruit, apple, and lime.


You’ll be surprised how just three ingredients can create such as tasty smoothie. We like to add some cold water or ice cubes, as it really brings out the freshness of the ingredients.


    Yield: 1

    Kiwi Apple Smoothie Recipe

    Kiwi Apple Smoothie

    A simple yet refreshing kiwi apple smoothie recipe made with just 3 ingredients.

    Prep Time 3 minutes
    Total Time 3 minutes


    • 1 kiwifruit
    • 1 apple
    • Juice from ¼ lime


      1. Peel the apple and remove the core.
      2. Peel the kiwi.
      3. Blend the apple and kiwi with the lime juice and 120ml (1/2 cup) of ice-cold water.
      4. Enjoy!

    Nutrition Information:



    Amount Per Serving: Calories: 126
    • Calories: 126
    • Top nutrients: vitamin C – 133% RDA, dietary fibre – 15% RDA


    If you prefer your smoothies without banana, then this apple and kiwi recipe is perfect. It’s a completely different taste to banana-based smoothies. It’s refreshing, nutritious, and clean.


    Alternative Ingredient Combos

    If you’re missing one of the ingredients in this list or simply don’t like one of them, then you can substitute alternative options. You can also add more to create more complex flavours or add extra nutrients.


    Here are a few ingredients that work well with kiwi and apple in a smoothie…


    • Pear 
    • Spinach
    • Kale
    • Mango
    • Pineapple
    • Banana
    • Strawberries


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