spiced plum smoothie coverThis Autumnal spiced plum smoothie is damn delicious, and dairy-free too.


Plums might not be the first fruit you think of when it comes to smoothies, but their juicy flesh and sweet flavour actually make them ideal.


Plums are usually in season between August and September. You can tell the super-ripe ones because they’re soft to the touch and fragrant too.


It’s really important that you use fully ripe plums in this smoothie, since they can be too sharp if they haven’t yet ripened. And sharp plums totally ruins the flavour (unless you’re one of those hardcore fruit eaters that enjoys the bitterness of grapefruit, in which you case you may actually prefer unripe plums, you crazy coconut…)


Plums are low in calories with just 30 per fruit, yet each one contains around 10% of your daily vitamin C requirement. In this smoothie we blend them with apple, so the whole thing is packed with even more vitamin C and dietary fibre.


One of the beauties of plums and apples, is that they blend with almost all flavours of spices. We tend to add ground cinnamon or fresh ginger, depending on what we have to hand. Don’t get us wrong, they result in totally different flavours, but both are tasty in their own way. So if you’re an aromatic cinnamon fan then go for that, but if you prefer a peppery zing to your smoothies, then ginger might be a better choice.


Spiced Plum Smoothie Ingredients


  • 3 plums

  • 1 apple

  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon or ¼ teaspoon ground ginger (or ½ cm of fresh root ginger)


Spiced Plum Smoothie Directions


Remove the stones from the plums and core from the apple. Blend with your choice of spice, adding a little water if needed.


Spiced Plum Smoothie Remix Ideas


Strawberries make a tasty addition to this smoothie. They aren’t usually in season at the same time as plums, but if you have a few frozen ones left over from summer, then this is a great way to use them up. And as with most smoothies, you can also throw in a handful of leafy greens to super-charge the nutrient density.