blueberry raspberry smoothie coverOh boy, do we love June… And not just for its blueberry raspberry smoothie bowl deliciousness…


Summer officially starts in Shanghai, which means soaring temperatures, roof-top BBQs, and park-based fun.


But what we’re really excited about, is that June is when fruit season really kicks in.


There’s sooo much fresh, sweet, and oh-so-juicy goodness that appears on market stalls around this time. Strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and apricots all come into season this month, which means they’re at their most flavourful AND nutrient-rich.


The thing with all this beautiful produce, is that it’s a bit too pretty to throw into a blender… So instead we decided to switch things up with a smoothie bowl instead. That way we get all the vitamins and minerals, whilst still savouring the texture of those delicate berries.


Blueberry Raspberry Smoothie Bowl Ingredients


Blueberries are in season throughout the summer, from June to August. This means they’re at their peak in terms of both flavour and nutrition. Blueberries are renowned for their high levels of anti-oxidants, so we like to take full advantage throughout the warmer seasons, and even freeze a few bags to see us through the winter.


We’ve topped this smoothie bowl with both blueberries and raspberries, since eating a variety of colours usually guarantees a balanced intake of vitamins and minerals. Sliced strawberries or apricots would also work well (as would cherries if you have the patience to pit them).


For the base, we’ve gone with a simple banana and dairy-free yogurt mix. Together they create a filling yet subtly flavoured canvas, which allows the flavours of the berries to really shine.


When eating blueberries, it’s important to use dairy-free yogurt alternatives like Alpro Vanilla Desserts or Silk Yogurts. This is because the proteins in cow’s milk react negatively with the anti-oxidants in blueberries, diminishing their health benefits. But you can customise the recipe to suit your lifestyle and fridge contents – any type of mild-flavoured yogurt will taste good.


  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 individual dairy-free vanilla yogurt (60g or quarter cup)
  • 1 handful blueberries
  • 1 handful raspberries


Blueberry Raspberry Smoothie Bowl DirectionsBlueberry-Raspberry-Smoothie-Bowl


Blitz the banana and dairy-free yogurt together, and pour into a bowl – the texture should be thicker than a typical smoothie. Top with fresh berries (French flag design totally optional) and enjoy with a spoon… :)