Sleep is one of the most-neglected pillars of health and wellness. Many of us pay close attention to our diet and exercise routine but don’t prioritise sleep. Busy schedules and demands on our time mean that we try and cram more and more into our day. The result is that the amount of time we sleep for is gradually reduced until we become consistently tired and lethargic.


In this article – we share a handy infographic featuring 9 science-backed reasons to sleep that’ll support your health and wellness goals.


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Why Sleep Matters

Diet is essential to reaching maintaining and improving your fitness – that’s a given. Consuming enough fruits and vegetables should be a daily routine for anyone focused on improving overall health.


Nutritious smoothies are a great way to achieve this balance but they won’t do it alone. No matter how healthy your diet is, without sleep, your body isn’t reaching its full potential.


From improved workout potential to easier weight loss, getting your proper nights sleep can support your health goals. But, with busy schedules and countless obligations, it can get incredibly difficult to find time for some shut-eye. In fact, this is something that scientists say can be detrimental to our body’s glow. After all, sleep is a regenerative process so we need to make time for it.


By going through each stage of the sleep cycle multiple times, our body is rebuilding and repairing itself. Restorative chemicals are released during deep REM (rapid eye movement) that help muscles grow and repair. This is why sleep is essential the night after a workout.


Aside from rebuilding muscle, sleep gives your body protection, too. Researchers found that sleep can increase your skin’s ability to recover from sun damage by 30 percent.


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It’s not all physical, either. Researchers have also found that getting appropriate hours of sleep can increase our mental health, boost self-esteem, and aid in more effective social interactions navigation more effectively.


This happens because sleep helps massage the mind, alleviating feelings of stress and tension. Not to mention, one night of bad sleep can lead to the next and in turn, create a shifted cycle that’s hard to get out of. If you feel tired throughout the day make sure to limit your naps to 20 minutes, as anything longer can put a dent in your sleep cycle in the night hours.


For a full list of benefits that sleep can provide, check out the infographic below by FragranceX to make sure you’re getting the most out of your healthy life.


benefits of beauty sleep infographic

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