Making beauty products at home is becoming more popular. Many people are looking for ways to become more self-sufficient, environmentally friendly, and live more simply. There’s a movement towards knowing exactly what’s in the products we consume, whether that’s the food we eat or lotions we put on our bodies.


In this article – we share five compelling reasons to make your own beauty products at home.


Let’s dive straight into the key benefits of home-made beauty products…


1 – Save Money

Learning how to make beauty products at home can save you a lot of money. You can whip up a face pack, hair mask, or skin exfoliator for a fraction of the purchase price. Bananas, honey, eggs, avocados, and cucumber are just a few of the everyday foods with beauty-boosting properties.


2 – Use Up Leftovers

No one likes food waste. Fruit and veg that’s passed its best for eating can still be useful for beauty products. It’s a great way to use up leftovers – especially if it’s small amounts that aren’t enough for a soup for other full meals.


3 – Reduce Plastic Consumption

Making beauty recipes DIY style means you don’t have to buy off-the-shelf products. Just think of all those plastic bottles you’ll save! Each one takes over 450 years to decompose so it’s a huge environmental benefit.


4 – Avoid Chemicals & Preservatives

Many beauty products contain chemicals to help them last for longer. Mixing up your own mask, scrub, or conditioner allows you to avoid all these unwanted chemicals (and their potentially nasty side-effects). This is especially helpful if you have sensitive skin or allergies.


5 – Reduce Bathroom Clutter

Making your own beauty products means there are fewer bottles cluttering up your bath or shower. It’s easier to enjoy a relaxing soak when it’s all clean and tidy. Plus, the minimalist approach means there’s more space for some super-chilled scented candles!


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Home-Made Beauty Product Benefits