With quarantines and lockdowns around the world, taking time to care for yourself is more important than ever. Your beauty routine is a major part of your overall health and wellness, but with spas and salons closed, it can be hard to keep up with your usual regime. 


While you may not be able to get professional beauty treatments done right now, that doesn’t mean you should skip your self-care routine completely. 


Self-care has a big impact on your mental health. Aside from giving you something fun and relaxing to look forward to, daily self-care offers the perfect opportunity for mindfulness. Even more important, maintaining a consistent routine has also been shown to reduce the risks of depression and anxiety. 


With all this in mind, an at-home beauty regime is practically a must right now, especially if you’re feeling more stress than usual. Keep those anxieties at bay and give yourself a break with these easy DIY beauty hacks. 


At-Home Steam Facial 

Boil water over the stove and once a steady flow of steam is visible, lean your head into the steam to open and cleanse your pores. A towel can be draped over the back of your head to keep the steam near your face longer. Of course, you should be mindful of how close you are to the hot water – you don’t want to burn or hurt yourself! 


Moisturizing Hair Mask Recipe

There are tons of recipes for homemade hair masks, but a simple mixture of honey and coconut oil will moisturize and revitalize lackluster locks. 


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Homemade Cuticle Oil 

Vitamin E oil, coconut oil, and an essential oil of your choice can be mixed together to create a cuticle oil fit for a professional manicure! 


DIY Highlighter 

Want to get the look of healthy, glowing skin? Combine a shimmery eyeshadow with baby oil and Nivea Post Shave Balm (or Vaseline) to get a custom highlighter! 


Infographic via Coupon Chief.


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