The Blendery – A Little Bit About Us

The Blendery About Tile - BlueberriesAt The Blendery, we love smoothies. We love how they fuel us with nutrients, make our skin glow, and fill us up after a workout.  They’re just plain awesome.


But… we don’t like fancy ingredients.  Or expensive supplements.  Anything that puts a barrier between us and a healthy lifestyle is a bit annoying quite frankly.  We prefer everyday ingredients and an easy life, is that so wrong?


We’re all about simplicity, seasonality, and balance. Oh, and deliciousness of course!


#1. Simplicity


We aren’t fancy, and we like it that way.The Blendery - Simplicty Quote


Our recipes are intentionally designed for people who prefer simple tastes and minimal ingredients. If it’s not easy to find or quick to prep, then it doesn’t make the cut.


For us, it’s about creating easy, delicious recipes that people will actually incorporate into their everyday routine, not just stick on a Pinterest board…


That’s why all our smoothies contain a maximum of 5 everyday ingredients.


#2. Seasonality


Seasonal fruits and veggies are the best.


They have the most flavour, contain more nutrients, and are usually cheaper too. Sounds like a win/win all round!


Plus they tend to have a smaller carbon footprint, which is more eco-friendly. And that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


#3. Balance


We also believe that a healthy lifestyle should be enjoyable, not a chore.


Life is too short for deprivation, guilt, or extreme diets. So we prefer to fill up on good stuff that’s naturally packed with vitamins and minerals.


But to us, balance means enjoying delicious treats too, regardless of their (un)nutritional content. Because food is meant to delight as well as nourish.


#4. Deliciousness


There are just too many ‘average’ tasting smoothies in the world. And we refuse to be part of the conspiracy!


Just because we like simple, seasonal ingredients, doesn’t mean we should sacrifice flavour.


Our delicious super-simple smoothies are proof of that… We won’t stand for bland. Or anything that tastes of grass – you know the kind of cabbage-based devil drinks we’re talking about.


Join The Movement


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